Hanging time of an income consumed turn.Use of Libra as an opportunity to improve consumption slump

It became in the first ten days of February.It is the even number month month first half.A convenience store is a retail store, supermarket and this time.

It is the time of sales hanging.There are many persons who are regarding as a bonus time at the end of the year of December, reaction of the consumption at the New Year’s in the opinion of many persons.However, another cause why it is big is gained at present to this.

Because pensioner’s consumption expenditure decreases, it is Aed.At a pension payday, it isn’t supplied every month.even number month It is supplied 6 times per a year.It is February, April, June, August, October and December.A pension is supplied on 15th of these months.

Because the pensioner of the traction part of the consumption isn’t using a credit card, 1 month and a half passes from a last service, and cash is lacking.It invites, stagnating, consuming 15th in 1st in the first half in a month in this every year, even number.Because there is the pulling down of the public utility charges about the actual state at the end of last month, the consumption is floundering from the second half of January.Even if it consumes only that part actually because a pensioner is receiving a part to the end of month before the last on 15th, it doesn’t say that it stretches the waste use, consumption too much but because there are many persons shopped for in a cash expenditures in the town, too, the consumption is floundering at time which the end month is the same as.There are many credit card card issuers that are the mechanism that can’t use a credit card when becoming the aged people, too.A new card was sent before, updating using a credit card, but there are many aged people that a card from being a day to never an update was sent any more, too.There seems to be the case that became so, too, without the pulling down being done several times but there is the person who wasn’t sent any more from 75 years old of an age, 80 years old and so on, too, partially.

The pensioner who robbed a credit card in this way the user-friendliness of the use becomes an obstinate cash use lover.A register in a retail store, supermarket and convenience store is treated as a trouble if becoming a cash user.easy clerk in word hang go spoon sometimes but , back in stand haste in another customer from white eye regard.

Point returning of the excise tax increase this time, too, is such a situation, and there are the aged people, many pensioners who can’t be blessed with a merit.Even if it is the capitalism, liberal society, a government, administrative system intervene in the consumption of the aged people, pensioners, and the administrative guidance should do the measure of becoming of the cashless settlement promotion, cash drawer commission freeness from a deposit account to a credit card company, existing financial institution.It withdraws a remittance cost and bank account especially, and there is, coming out to a cash drawer, being made of the guide severe on the financial institution that imposes an expensive commission on the aged people, facing.

Because, it is because the consumption expansion by the pension service of 55 trillion yen, every 9 trillion yen of a service month is obstructed every year because of these commissions and it is applying the clear brakes to the Japanese name GDP expansion.

The merit gotten by having the aged people of the cash use be blessed with the user-friendliness of the smart phone, digital net society is immeasurable.Therefore, a small sum by a SNS business (Facebook, line) or remittance and settlement service by the freeness have the possibility that it is wanted by many aged people, too.

If it is possible to provide the place where even the way of a cashless settlement lets me know all from the way of the use of a smart phone at 1 place, it comes to use a aged people cashless settlement.

The libra of the libra society that planned a starting service for the promotion of a cashless settlement from 2020, utilization of KARIBURA that has that small purse feature, too, promote a cashless settlement.Of course, it will take a time in an adjustment in Singapore in a country in each in the not caring even about digital Zentralbank-Geldmenge which the consideration has just begun with but announcing that it doesn’t say a line with the simple substance of a Bank of Japan EU.A Bank of Japan and the financial institution that takes charge of the remittance of a pension service at present joining to a libra society are the earliest, and the entire people should be able to be blessed with the user-friendliness.It is possible to have the net bond that has joined to a libra society at present acquire the license of the banking businesses and to make it execute the pension service business in a libra, too.Hastening the Japanese consumption expansion, cashless settlement promotion and digital currency introduction that can contribute to the name GDP increase becomes the trigger of a Japanese economic hanging ejection.