Home consumption and future economy

Home consumption and future economy


The deepening of negative interest rates was put off.

Deepening home consumption leaves room for increased consumption.

One is exercise at home.

If you have been exercising regularly in a sports club,

Many people are still exercising at home.

Easy push-ups and squats etc.

Many people will  continue to exercise  that can be continued even when going out is restricted.

More people are looking for large TVs and large monitors for personal computers.

The demand for large LCD panels for viewing will increase considerably in the future.

Stereoscopic video and 3D video technology development will accelerate further.

Most face-to-face consultations will be replaced by remote screen consultations in the future.

Another is that the demand for real estate near the park will increase.

Installation of a small park will lead to effective use of vacant houses and vacant lots. It will solve social problems.

There will be many small parks where you can do light exercise.

The third is ventilation.

It is at home that you can live comfortably without a mask.

The demand for single-family homes that can live without an elevator will increase. There is a need for a comfortable home that can prevent hay fever and provide adequate ventilation and regular ventilation.

Housing manufacturers that can meet these needs will survive in the future.

Similarly, air conditioner manufacturers survive.


Household consumption will support the Japanese economy.

Increasing consumption by events will be difficult for a long time.

Long-term movement in a closed space is not expected to increase consumption.

That is, travel and business trips continue to decrease.

It is important to minimize economic shrinkage. Delivery services and growing home consumption are key factors.