It improves the labor productivity in going into full swing of the reform of the way to work.

The reform of the way to work goes into full swing finally in April, 2020.It has been begun by the business who already enters the classification of the big businesses from the previous year but is applied to the corporation of the scale of approximately all.In the industry which a labor shortage makes being constant *of* that some long labor is difficult to correct, there still is the grace period of 5.It becomes a situation that all corporation must tackle as the specific goal that divided a deadline from a nonbinding target.

About the digestion of a low paid holiday of the acquiring percentage, man’s child-care leave acquisition, the effort indispensable to every corporation becomes need while there isn’t becoming of the constancy of a labor shortage by the declining birthrate and a growing proportion of elderly people such as the avoidance.It expects that it takes quite time until these systems are established in all corporation but on the other hand, do the effort that exceeds a systematic standard.

The corporation that acquires equal to or more than 80% of acquiring percentage achievement (the U.S. is ordinary) of a paid holiday, “KURUMIN” authorization (company where a parental leave is easy to have), too, increases.Because these two efforts go into full swing, the labor productivity of Japan that is floundering with 20th place 36 countries all over Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development quite rises.It is the labor market that has the labor productivity within 10 ranks about lurking.Then, this effort can think of a so-called black corporation with a low labor’s relative share heading for the direction of declining.Laborer’s conation, engagement become high increasingly when becoming the labor market that a white corporation and freelance account for the great part, and the labor productivity improves.

A conversion to the structure that 3rd place in the world of name gross domestic product GDP is maintained with the high labor productivity, laborer’s quality is attempted from a situation that 3rd place in the world of name gross domestic product GDP is maintained with a population.

A sense of security spreads to student’s job hunting, too, and the aspect of an overheated musical chairs changes completely.Because the white corporation of the world scale that seeks the labor force with a high quality advances to Japan one after another, the Japanese company of the constitution that supposed still isn’t asked about a size of the business with the former state of things, and it will be exposed to the selection by a labor shortage to a crisis.