It stimulates the consumption by increasing an import buying power.

An exchange policy around the economic growth that is led by a foreign demand hinders the domestic demand-led economic growth.An exchange policy to always correct an overdone rising yen trend after the Plaza Accord was taken for lost 30 years until this.It is possible to say that the employing maintenance of an export company was more given priority to as a result than consumer’s profit in a conservation policies.A consumer can’t be blessed with an import buying power by the deregulation of trade sufficiently as a result of the weak yen induction.Japan still belongs to an advanced (high-income-nation of the level 4 defined in a fact fullness-Nikkei Business Publications,Inc.).Therefore, the exportation to a developing country (that book-level 2 Middle lncome Countries, low-income country of a level 1) should be done determinatively except for the living infrastructure support originally.It coordinates contributing to developing country’s industrial upbringing (exportation intention industrialization policy-Toshio Watanabe-Oriental economy) by an import buying power with the purpose of ODA (official development assistance), too.WTO (the World Trade Organization) needs not to function at present sufficiently any more and to be the protectionism economy, progress of the bloc-building economy and times of the currency poor competition by an advanced (country of a level 4) but to prepare for them beforehand when the times that recover that feature in time come and to strengthen the tolerance of the Japanese economy to the strong yen.The currency poor competition by an advanced (country of a level 4) doesn’t seem to be contributing to the welfare maximization of the whole world (80 trillion US dollars of GDP).Spoiling of the wealth needs to be distinguished from the creation of the wealth.The joint action is necessary to the world in complicated 21st century.(progressive capitalism Joseph E. Stiglitz-Oriental economy)

The role that a high-income-nation (level 4) accomplishes in the trade of the world is the living infrastructure support (primary industry) to the creation (4th industry, 5th industry) of a new industry field and country of a low-income country (level 1).Also, the industrial upbringing support (2nd, 3rd industry) by the import from a country in Middle lncome Countries (level 2 level 3), too, is an important role.In the creation of the new industry field of a IT platform and so on, Japan isn’t gotten for the conspicuous contribution but in the living infrastructure support (primary industry), industrial upbringing support (2nd, 3rd industry), it is contributing to it in spite of the conservativeness.The country of either of the high-income-nations (country of a level 4) should be charged with a role in the welfare maximization of the whole world.Japan does a technology transfer, support for a low-income country (level 1) while making a domestic demand expand, and there is the duty that makes an effort toward the development of a free trade area in the world while showing a route for the solution as a problem advanced in Middle lncome Countries (level 2 level 3).The beneficence of the free trade should try for the individual people to prevail while belonging to the economic cooperation agreement area provided to an openhearted and just rule.

(high-income-nation of the level 4 defined in a fact fullness-HANSUROSURINGU-Nikkei Business Publications,Inc.)

Exportation intention industrialization policy-Toshio Watanabe-Oriental economy

(progressive capitalism Joseph E. Stiglitz-Oriental economy)