The money begins to move around to the society in the income consumed circulation if doing this.Japanese GDP increases.


It is the economic most important role that the money moves around to the society, the especially necessary only necessary to a place money turns.The Japanese before the word of the economy is made said this “of the size of the worlds the money is” and understood it sensuously.” trueborn Tokyoite evening over in money have ” SU CHI ” that day in earn be money that day in use ” want word too that sense of show word be.

It despised the person who amasses the money and lends it to a person little and called a thing “money lender” those days.

There was the virtue of “work by the sweat of ONE’S brow” in Japan in those days.”money lender”‘s people, too, understood it, and it was putting one’s heart and soul into a mole.It didn’t say their own claim in the conspicuous society.It should have been the sense of the money left again modestly for a world for a person such as increasing, lending.

In some Japan in these cultured backgrounds, having the sense of “its consumption connects with the income of someone other persons and does the whole society abundantly” isn’t the one that has a sense of incongruity for many persons.Even if it required a high dividend, amassing the money, in the stockholders’ meeting of a company, a stockholder, capitalist more only became Yutaka, and to the correction of the differential society at present, many persons understood that there hardly was an effect, and a big individual investor separated from a stock market.A stock price standard at present is maintained somehow with the ETF buying support of a Bank of Japan but any more buying support is a situation that it isn’t possible to expect.The socialistic idea that the corporation of substantial all nationalizes is difficult to still accept in Japan.Therefore, a route for the consumption expansion, GDP gross domestic product expansion by a personal asset increase can’t be seen from the stock price rise.

The GDP gross domestic product expansion from the consumption expenditure is left again about how many a route is.One is already in the implementation progress but is a route for expanding then the expansion consumption of the compensation of employment by the draw of a minimum wage law.One more is the consumption expansion by the pensioner supplied for 55 trillion yen per a year.At the generation which an equal to or more than 20 years more long than a planned life design living person is many in, there are many persons who aren’t sufficient, too, in a pension.It connects with the GDP gross domestic product expansion by the Japanese consumption expansion that these people arrange the environment that can be consumed at ease.

That is, there aren’t the reduction of any more pension service and tax increase of an excise any more and they are what to get with a sense of security.It is necessary that the financing of the low interest that mortgaged a pensionary right, too, expands and a private financial institution develops a product like the group life insurance for credit of the housing loan, too.A living person who is old in a house, too, person whom rebuilding is necessary to, person who must move in, necessary person and use of a fund whom I have a relative in a working active generation move in near from are various but are the capital requirement that doesn’t ever go around to the speculation waste.That is, it is a capital requirement in the world where a financial institution should play a role originally.

A supplied pension doesn’t ever move around to the savings and goes around to the consumption of a bread-and-butter item and increases the reward of those employers, and the consumption and virtuous cycle of an income are born in the society if becoming the society that the abidingness of a life annuity is confirmed and can live long at ease.If all of 55 trillion yen move around to the income of the laborer of such living industry, it becomes 55 trillion yen of consumption expansion, GDP gross domestic product expansion effects.That is, about 10% of GDP gross domestic product 拡s grow.If the abidingness of a pension system is confirmed in the every household type social security reform by the medical expense burden increase of the draw high-income earner of a service age, pensionary right acquisitor (50 years old-65 years old) pensioner’s (equal to or more than 66) consumption expands.It is possible to enjoy the life in a sense such as “of the size of the worlds the money is” “a trueborn Tokyoite doesn’t have the overnight money”.It is possible to live long with the self-affirmation sense of contributing to the Japanese GDP expansion that is of use in the world.An applicant divides into a service being 6 times per a year of pension services at present from being the relation of saving a fee remittance in country’s transferring once per 2 months every month once 12 times per a year.Or, the overuse can be prevented if making sure that it is possible to change into a service every day once 365 times per a year every week once 52 times per a year.

It is possible sufficiently if changing into a nonbank with a cheap fee remittance, SNS business.

The money begins to move around to the society in the income consumed circulation if doing this.Japanese GDP increases.